Walters Story

WalterWalter has lived at one of Ability Housing’s CASA homes since 2000. Before Ability Housing, Walter had always lived with his mother.

He has been an honorary member of the Mayor’s Disability Council, working on issues regarding disabilities, recreation, transportation and marketing. He has also been involved as a counselor at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville Youth Activities Center, and can be seen helping at Jaguars games. “I want to know I made a difference in the community. Sometimes that’s hard to do.”

When asked if he thought life was fair Walter states, “No, but you got to live with what you got. As I grew up I found out I had to do more stuff myself. I look in the mirror and say ‘What did you do yesterday that you could do better today?’” What he likes most about himself is that he is true. “I’m basically my own loving self,” he says. “To me I don’t have any limitations. If I got ‘em, I don’t know where they’re at.”